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What is a Microchip & Why Your Dog Needs It

why do you need to microchip your dog

What is a Microchip

Think of it as an ID card for your pet. A microchip is an implant the size of a grain of rice, which is inserted under the pet’s skin to allow it to be identified. Each microchip has unique chip identification details including the pet’s description as well as the owner’s contact details.

Do I really need to microchip my Dog

Microchips play an important role in locating a pet's owner if it becomes lost or is dropped off at an animal shelter.

Microchips can also be used to match vaccination records to keep track of what immunisations the pet has had.

In most states and territories in Australia, it is the legal obligation of a pet owner to ensure their pet is microchipped.

It is also important to remember to update your pets microchip details if you change address or phone number, and to make sure you transfer contact details if your pet changes owners.

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