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read Dr kate's blog post

Dr Kate shares her thoughts on pet wellbeing

When do you need to see a vet urgently?

Last week my entire team at Bondi Vet went down. Yep, covid hit Bondi Vet in a big way. We were left with 2 young nurses, a receptionist whose first day was last Tuesday, myself and Dr Ryan. All at once...
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A girl's best friend isn’t a diamond, it’s a dog

If you needed just one more reason (than the 20 others) to hug your dog, just consider that your dog, in their life has probably saved yours at least once. In all my adult years, I’ve had a dog. My sister...
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Why routine scans are important

Benny, my beautiful 15-year-old golden retriever, has a tumour on his spleen. I know this because he had a CT scan, and before that an abdominal ultrasound. It’s certainly not great news, but I’ve got a lot to be grateful for...
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Is pet insurance worth it?

When my golden retriever, Benny was 8 weeks old, I purchased pet insurance for him and it saved his life on multiple occasions. It was over 15 years ago now, and in those days, pet insurance wasn’t as popular...
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Dog stuff you can't do without

When it comes to dog accessories, it’s a jungle out there. There is so much - from the brilliant all the way through to the laughable and downright ridiculous. So I thought I’d compile a list of my favourite 5 things for dogs! This is definitely not...
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Top tips for managing allergies in dogs

When it comes to itchy dogs, allergies are one of most the common issues that I see at Bondi Vet. Not all itchy dogs have allergies, but allergies would make up 80% of all itchy dogs. Allergies are on a spectrum...
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How to help a dog with arthritis

I was a baby vet - just graduated - living on a farm in the middle of Western Australia when I first put to sleep an old farm kelpie with arthritis. I was horrified. At that time I felt like medications could cure-all. I wanted...
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Why we need to take grieving pet loss seriously

It’s taken a few weeks to write this. On Easter Monday, my beautiful 15-year-old Golden Retriever, Benny, collapsed and died. It’s been two weeks of trying to get my thoughts together...
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Why dental care is important for your pet's health

How many times have you heard this expression: “Vets always try to make extra money off you by saying your pet needs a dental treatment.”? It's time to set that record straight...
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read Dr kate's blog post

Our Favourite Pet Products

Dr Kate Adams from Bondi Vet cast shares stories on dog and cat health, behaviour and recommended products.

Have a pet related question? Browse latest pet advice by an experience Australian Vet Dr Kate Adams from Bondi Vet TV Series.

Speaking to a vet is a necessary part of every pet owner's journey. With over 15 years of Vet Experience Dr Kate has a wealth of knowledge on how to manage dog and cat health, behaviour and wellbeing. She is happy to share the answers to the questions you might want to ask your vet.

4 questions to ask your vet in your pet’s next appointment

Am I feeding my pet the right food and in the correct amounts?

Balance nutrition and weight management is a commonly raised topic at Dr Kate's vet clinic, by both dog and cat owners. You can find more information on Dog Nutrition and "Cat Nutrition in our pet food article.

How do you know when to call a vet?

Learn the warning signs that mean you should take your dog to the vet in Dr Kate's article on when your vet visit is urgent or can it wait

How are my pet’s teeth?

Pet's teeth and dental health often get neglected. Bad teeth can lead to other health problems, in her latest blog Dr Kate talks about importance of dental pet hygiene

How can I help my pet with allergies?

Dr Kate Adams from Bondi Vet team outlines the types of allergies, symptoms specific to each type of allergy, how to identify the allergen and help manage your pet's allergy.

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