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What products do dogs need daily? What are the best cat supplies?

In can be overwhelming for pet owners to find the right products for their cats and dogs. That is why Bondi Vet have hand-picked trusted brands and unique Aussie sellers to take away the guess work from your shopping.

What necessities do dogs need?

Vets get asked this questions a lot, especially by new dog owners. Here is our new puppy shopping list:

* Premium puppy food

* Puppy training teats

* Food and water bowl

* Lots of poo bags

* Dog bed, or Puppy crate if you are crate training

* Puppy shampoo and conditioner

* Flea, tick and worming treatment

* Toys, toys and more toys, including safe chew toys

* Brush & comb for grooming

* Collar with ID tag and your phone number

* Strong dog lead

What do you need for a new kitten?

It's important to have cat supplies on hand when you are bringing home a kitty:

* Specially formulated kitten food

* Food and water bowl

* Interactive toys to avoid unwanted scratching

* Fur brush and grooming products

* Safety cat collar with an ID tag and phone number

* Scratching post or scratching pad

* Litter box and litter

* Cat bed