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Bondi Vet's Guide to Pet Grooming, Bathing & Nail Care

Dog bath tips

The often painful process of washing your dog can be made so much easier with a few simple tricks.

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Cat bath tips

Cat baths can be a nightmare at the best of times, for you and your feline, read top tips on how to make it a breeze

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Is your dog afraid of the water?

Top Tips on How to wash your dog if he hates water

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How to cut your dog's nails

To conquer the nail chop, Bondi Vet team offer some top tips on how to trim your dog's nails effectively and painlessly.

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Why do cats get furballs?

Top Tips on preventing the pesky furballs in cats.

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Dog grooming tips

What is the most important part of dog's haircut? Getting them to sit still.

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