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Enrichment Tips for Healthier and Better Behaving Pets

What games are safe for dogs?

Play time for your pet is always good fun, for you and your four-legged friend, but just don't forget a few ground rules….

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How to safely exercise your dog

Playing fetch is what most dogs live for, but it can actually be detrimental to their joints. Learn more about getting your pet a workout safely.

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How to choose a perfect dog toy

Dogs absolutely love playing but various toys serve specific purposes, we have put together a simple guide on what toys to choose for your pet.

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Reasons behind cat rubs

Any cat owners would know the feeling, a brush passed an unassuming leg by your loving cat. Have you ever wondered why do cats rub?

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Must have items for any dog

When it comes to dog related products, there is so much to choose from, Dr Kate Adams has put together the list of her must haves.

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How do cats land on their feet?

We’ve all heard stories of cats jumping from up high and landing safely on their feet and walking away without any injury, but how?

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