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Funny and Emotional Pet Stories from Bondi Vet Show

Things your pet shouldn't be eating

Not all dogs stick to dinner from the dog dish – some devour a range of objects they really should not.

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Pets and owners heartbeats in sync?

The connection between dog and owner has just gotten stronger.

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Why do dogs eat poo?

Dog's eating poo. Read tips from Bondi Vet Team on why and how to teach them to stop.

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Why do dogs drag their bottom on the ground?

From time to time, we all have to have medical procedures done which we don't necessarily like. And dogs are not exception.

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How to manage dog flatulence

A gassy dog could be embarrassing to be around, but there are things you can do to help manage flatulence in your pet.

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Most common pet myths debunked

Stay informed on some of the most common pet myths, from wet noses to pet flu, we help you separate the truth from myths.

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