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Bondi Vet's Guide to the Most Common Dog Health Problems

NEW. Is your dog overweight?

As humans we often show our love through food and overfeeding. As Dr Kate points out in this video, that can often be detrimental to the health of our furry friends.

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NEW. Is your dog prone to ear infections?

Stay alert for the symptoms of this uncomfortable and often painful condition.

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How to identify tick bite

A single tick bite can put your furry friend in jeopardy. Here are the symptoms to look out for and recommended treatments.

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TLC for an older pet

Top tips on how to make your cat or dog's twilight years more comfortable.

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When a vet visit is a necessity

Dr Kate explains when you need to urgently see a vet, and when it can wait.

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How to manage dog allergies

Dog allergies make our pet's lives miserable. Dr Kate Adams shows how to diagnose them, and treat them.

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What Are Hot Spots?

What are Some Common Dog Skin Conditions and How to treat them...

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How to identify urinary tract infections

Dogs can be affected by a multitude of different bladder problems, early diagnosis can save lives...

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How to help a dog with arthritis

Dr Kate shares her tips on managing arthritis in dogs and why this is a pet peeve for her...

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