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Pet Services

Pet Sitting

Pawshake provides personalised, one on one, community centric and safety focused pet sitting services throughout Australia.

Pet Hotels

Hanrob Pet Hotels, professional pet care experts providing pet accommodation, dog training and daycare, pet transport and vocational education.

Pet Behaviourist

Bondi Behaviourist is your solution to rebuilding the relationship between families and their dogs and resolving behavioural issues.

Pet Insurance

Budget Direct Dog & Cat Pet Insurance covers both illnesses and accidental injuries.

Dog Adoption

We believe every home should have a dog, and every dog should have a home; go visit Adopt-A-Dog now to start your search! (A SavourLife initiative.)

Water Cremation

Paws To Heaven (Brisbane Only) - our WATER Cremation service enables you to say goodbye to your precious pet in a loving and gentle way.

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Our Favourite Pet Products

Looking for Trusted Pet Service Providers?

In addition to veterinary services, our team at Bondi Vet can recommend a host of excellent pet services. From pet sitting and pet hotels to dog adoption and behaviouralists, we’ve done the research to ensure that these services are excellent options for pets and pet owners.

Pet sitting

If you need pet sitting, we recommend Pawshake. Too many pet sitting services are just out to make a quick buck without paying due attention to the welfare of pets, but at Pawshake, they do things differently. With their extensive and highly regarded network (97% 5-star reviews and over 30,000 trusted and vetted pet sitters), they’ll help you to find a loving local pet sitter who’ll treat your beloved animal like a member of the family. Pawshake offers services all across Australia.

Pet hotels

Hanrob Pet Hotels offer an unmatched level of luxury. This is no average pet hotel, with pet care professionals offering accomodation for dogs and cats, as well as additional services like vocational education, transport, training, grooming, and playgrounds. With Hanrob Pet Hotels, you can know you’re leaving your pet in good hands.

Pet behaviourist

Problematic behavioural issues in dogs can tear a family apart. The first step to fixing those problems and building a stable, happy stable relationship with your dog is a pet behaviouralist. We strongly recommend Bondi Behaviourist, who have a great record for helping with issues like aggression, nervousness, excessive barking, separation anxiety, jumping up, mouthing, and toilet training.

Pet insurance

Injuries and illnesses can occur at financially inconvenient times. For certain ailments, bills can run into the hundreds, even thousands of dollars. To give you peace of mind, so you can know you’re able to look after your pet should a misfortune befall them, we recommend taking out a policy with Budget Direct Dog & Cat Pet Insurance

Dog adoption

We don’t just recommend services for people who already have dogs. We also want to see people without dogs (or people without enough dogs) connect with pets they can love and treasure. While there are many excellent ways to get a dog into your life, we strongly recommend Adopt-A-Dog, which is a SavourLife initiative. They’ve brought together listings from hundreds of dog rescue shelters. You can search by lots of different factors, like age (puppies, adults, seniors), size, and family requirements (whether or not they're suitable for children).

Water cremation

The way you say goodbye to your pet can be as important as the relationship you’ve shared together over the years. For a loving, gentle pet post-mortem, we recommend Paws To Heaven. They operate in Brisbane, and provide a water cremation service.