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What causes dogs to bark excessively?

What is excessive dog barking?

Barking is a completely normal dog behaviour and is an important part of how they communicate. However, when barking becomes loud and continues for an extended period, it's a sign your dog is unhappy. This type of barking causes distress to owners, and earns complaints from neighbours and the local council. It may even result in having to rehome the dog.

What causes too much dog barking?

Excessive barking often occurs because dogs are trying to communicate. They may be trying to convey that they are:

  • Bored
  • Anxious
  • Seeking attention
  • Afraid
  • Wanting to play

Every dog has a unique reason for barking. It’s important to understand your dog and listen to what they are trying to communicate.

What is the best way to stop dog barking too much?

Every dog is different and requires unique treatment. Providing your dog with behaviour enrichment activities to try and teach them that it's OK to be on their own for a while. Bondi Vet has an excellent range of activities for your pet to try. If you need more advice, our Bondi Vets are on call via our Vet Services page to help guide you and your dog to a happier, healthier life.

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