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Hello, I am Dr Kate Adams from the global hit television show Bondi Vet.

As vets we understand the extraordinary relationships between pets and their owners. We love caring for animals who bring so much joy to our lives.

We love sharing the stories of survival and joy, but equally love sharing our knowledge and expertise with our clients.

We are excited to bring you, a place where this knowledge and expertise is now available 24/7. With 100s of articles and videos on pet behaviour, health and lifestyle, vets available 24/7 and a wonderful range of our favourite products, there is something here for everyone.

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Welcome to Bondi Vet, a new destination for pet lovers.

Whether you are looking for advice from a vet, or simply love watching entertaining pet videos, has you covered with over a hundred blog articles packed with advice for your pet's wellbeing. We also offer vet bookings, a range of pet products and trusted pet services.

What vet services can I book through Bondi Vet?

Check the Vet Help Page to browse a complete range of veterinary services, to answer your pet behaviour questions and help with dog or cat health concerns.

Is there a blog written by the Bondi Vet cast?

Dr Kate Adams from Bondi Vet Hospital shares her veterinary stories about pet life and behaviour as well as her favourite products your dogs and cats can't live without in her Blog.

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