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Top 7 dog training myths you should know about

7 Dog Training Myths, which impact dogs of all different shapes, sizes and breeds

"When I talk about myths and misconceptions about training your dog you’ve probably heard a lot things from people, your friends, family well I’m hear to set the record straight. It’s not surprising there are some very confused dogs and owners out there. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own distinct personalities and of course so do the owners. Throw urban myths into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Let's tackle some of them"

MYTH 1: Let the kids pick their new pup

Allowing children to pick out a puppy is not ideal. They could choose a noisy, shy or dominating dog. Let the breeder guide you towards the right choice of dog for your family.

MYTH 2: The right pup will pick you

Do not pick the first puppy that comes to you. When choosing a dog, you should observe the dog's behaviour over a period of time, perhaps even come back on a couple of different occasions. You can then pick the pup that suits you best.

MYTH 3: Puppies are too young to train

Puppies can be trained from as early as 8 weeks old. Most dogs can be trained at any age though you should be aware of any health issues in older dogs that could impact training.

MYTH 4: After accidents rub their nose in it

Occasionally puppies will accidentally do their business indoors. Never scold or hit your dog over these mistakes, instead take your pup outside to their regular bathroom area.

MYTH 5: Use your knee to stop jumping

Dogs can be injured if you stop them jumping on you with a knee to the chest. The best approach is to decrease your pup's excitement by simply ignoring your dog for 5-10 minutes whenever you come home. After one week of consistent practice there should be a significant decrease in doggie jumping.

MYTH 6: Punish your dog for digging holes

Do not scold your dog for digging holes in the yard. It is better to use the holes to bury their excrement, which will ensure the dog does not frequent the same spot in a hurry.

MYTH 7: Always train with treats

Dogs can become overweight if over reliant on dog treats for good behaviour. Instead use a doggie toy, which is as good as a treat.

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